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We know that customers have a wide range of needs and applications when it comes to semi trailers. Reefers, flatbeds and dry vans are by far the most popular so we decided to write an article about them. In this article we’ll talk about what features they offer so you can make an informed decision about which type of trailer you are needing for your business.


Reefer Trailers

2020 Utility 3000R Reefer


Reefer trailers or refrigerated vans are containers used in transporting cargo that is temperature-sensitive. We offer two models: the 3000R and 3000R Multi-Temp – both of which are lightweight and high payload performers.


  • 3000R – This is the industry’s best-selling reefer and one of the top models people look for when they’re searching for semi trailers for sale. Features include highest rated floors with a 16,000 lb. capacity, built-in thermal breaks, stainless steel rear door frame and our popular and patented Barrier Door® which has a bonded foam sandwich design that ensures less heat loss and greater durability. Additionally, you can customize this trailer’s features to suit your exact needs.
  • 3000R Multi-Temp – This has the features that made the 3000R successful and then some – you can personalize this reefer to fit the needs of your cargo. It has the multi-temp load partition system and the CenterSeal load partition device – both features are there to give you options if you have cargo that needs to be partitioned depending on what temperature they need to be stored in.


You can go to this link to read more about the reefers we have in our inventory.


Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers are trailers that are mainly used in transferring goods and equipment that do not require the enclosure of dry vans or the temperature-controlled container of reefers. The loads of this type of trailer are mainly abnormal – as in they don’t fit the dimensions of closed trailers. Listed are the different flatbeds we have available to fit your unique needs.


  • 4000AE – The re-engineered design of the 4000AE makes the combo trailer lighter without having to sacrifice strength, durability and functionality. It comes standard with a 47,000 lb. coil package while weighing less than other models.
  • 4000S – The 4000S was built for heavy-duty use. This all-steel flatbed has a main beam capacity rating of 80,000 lb. when evenly distributed, and as much as a 57,000 lb. single coil capacity.
  • 4000AE Dropdeck – The 4000AE Drop Deck trailer includes all of the advanced technology from the 4000AE built into a drop deck design.
  • Drop Deck – The Drop Deck was designed to transport heavy or awkward loads.


You can go to this link to read more about the flatbeds we have in our inventory.


Dry Van Trailers



Dry Van trailers are closed containers without temperature control. Most of the world’s cargo is transported by dry vans. These trailers are used to move items and goods that aren’t temperature sensitive. Listed below are the different dry vans we have available.


  • 4000D-X Composite – The thin-wall 4000D-X Composite dry van has polyurethane foam core composite side walls that optimize strength and deliver a lower tare weight. It also features snag-free interior lining and optimized cubic load space (4085 cubic feet) for more productivity.
  • 4000D-X Composite TBR – The 4000D-X Composite TBR is the perfect choice for high cube, heavy-duty applications. Featuring a heavy-duty tall bottom rail (TBR) that is 10″ taller and 50% thicker at floor level than the standard bottom rail, the 4000D-X Composite TBR still achieves a minimum 101″ inside width (approximately 4085 cubic feet of load space).
  • 4000D-X Composite 100 – The lightweight 4000D-X Composite 100 begins with a deeper ¾” side wall for improved stiffness and increased bulge strength. Its galvanized 80K steel lining adds strength and reduces maintenance costs.
  • 4000D – The 4000D is a lightweight plywood lined dry van that is extremely durable for superior value.


You can go to this link to read more about the dry vans we have in our inventory.


Whether you need a reefer, flatbed or a dry van trailer, we have you covered with the different customizable semi trailers for sale that we have. Leave us your contact information or give us a call at Clackamas (503) 653-8686 or Redmond (541) 316-7100 to know more about these trailers!