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The thin-wall 4000D-X Composite dry van features polyurethane foam core composite side walls that optimize strength and deliver a lower tare weight.

interior lining

Optimized cubic
load space

4000DX Composite

Some Features

Stainless Steel Rear Door Frame

Utility’s stainless-steel rear door frame is engineered for lower maintenance, lower life cycle costs, and greater durability. For added stiffness to resist dock impact damage, the stainless-steel buckplate features a 3/8″ thick bang plate and light protection bars. Utility’s design provides up to 110″ of door opening height.

“Squeeze” Riveted Lining Panels

80,000 psi lining panels are “squeeze” riveted to both the outer skin and side posts, forming a snag-free, high-strength sandwich panel with fully recessed fasteners that won’t work loose, ensuring greater durability

10″ High Galvanized Steel Wearband

Low-profile, 80,000 psi high-tensile galvanized steel wearband provides added impact protection, strength, and stiffness.

Rugged Side Posts

Our 80,000 psi galvanized steel side posts are designed and torture-track tested for maximum strength and durability.Type “A” logistic slots on 8″ or 4″ vertical centers (depending on model) provide added versatility for cargo securement.

4,085 Cubic Feet of Productivity

A full 1011/4″ of inside width from lining to lining and 101″ from wearband to wearband providing 4085 cubic feet for greater productivity

Unique Design Increases Strength and Payloads

Utility’s patented design uses .050 skin in high stress areas to provide strength and .040 skin in low stress areas to lower tare weight and increase payloads.

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4000DX Composite

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