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The patent-pending 4000AE design optimizes weight while not sacraficing strength orfunctionality. It introduces a combination of high strength aluminum 3″ and 4″ crossmembers that have been thoroughly tested for fully distributed and/or concentrated coil hauls. Tested on Utility’s own torture test track ensures that the 4000AE is the most efficient and productive flatbed available, providing long-term value and lower total cost of ownership

47,000 lb coil
haul package

Aluminum crossmembers

4000AE flatbed

Some Features

Newly Designed Coil Haul Crossmembers

Nine 4″ aluminum full width tapered crossbars on 8″ centerlines provide optimized strength for coil haul shotgun configurations.

Light, High Strength, Low Maintenance

Lighter than the other members of Utility’s flatbed family, there is no compromise on quality and strength. The 4000AE strikes the right balance between steel and aluminum to provide the strength and durability of an all-steel trailer and the low weight of an all-aluminum trailer. Exterior main beams are shot blasted with a two-part primer and two-part urethane top coat prior to painting; while the interior beams are painted with a rust preventative coating for lower maintenance cost.

Aluminum Leg Bracing

The aluminum tube leg bracing replaces steel angle, reducing weight without compromising strength.

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4000AE flatbed

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