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Utility 4000S

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Built for heavy-duty use, this all-steel flatbed has a main beam capacity rating of 80,000 lb evenly distributed, and as much as a 57,000 lb single coil capacity. Utility 4000S can also be custom built with a variety of options to meet your operational requirements.


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Utility 4000S

Some Features

All-steel flatbed for heavy-duty applications

The 4000S has a main beam capacity of 80,000 lb evenly distributed and as much as 57,000 lb single coil capacity.

Higher quality paint process

The main beams are shot blasted prior to painting and then coated with a two-part primer and two-part urethane top coat on the exterior surfaces. A rust preventative coating is applied to the interior surfaces of the beams, and onto the steel crossmembers, for lower maintenance cost.

Plasma-cut one-piece main beam webs

CNC plasma technology creates the cambered shape of the main beam web. The 80K steel hat-shaped top flange provides added lateral stability for longer trailer life.

Hat-shaped top flange

The 80K steel hat-shaped top flange provides added lateral stability adding to a longer trailer life.

Contoured beam at rear for proper axle loading

This design optimizes load distribution between the axles and extends suspension life.

Rear corners designed for high impact loads

On the 4000S, the rear corners are engineered to distribute dock impact into the side rail of the trailer for longer rear life.

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Utility 4000S

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