Our company has been proudly locally owned and operated for over 30 years, and we strive to provide a work environment to fosters growth in knowledge and experience.  Employee satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at Utility Trailer – Oregon.  We understand how important it is to you to be appreciated and valued and part of the best team in the trailer business.

At Utility Trailer, you’ll find a compensation plan that is one of the most competitive in the industry.  We value our teams’ hard work and successes, and encourage generous work-life balance.  Being a family-owned company gives us the perspective to understand what is important – long term security, best in industry benefits, on the job and industry supported training and competitive base pay.  We strive to make sure that all employees are supported at every stage of their career.

What Makes Utility Trailer - Oregon Great

Geared for Techs

Our techs are the heart of our business, keeping trailers rolling for large and small fleets alike.  We support our techs by providing on-the-job ongoing training as well as industry partner training to ensure all are current with the changing technologies of the industry.
As a tool dealer, we pass along a significant pricing advantage to our techs.  We assist in our techs in acquiring the tools needed to be safe and efficient.  For our apprentice technicians, we provide an entry-level tool box with everything needed to learn on the job, and after completion of training, we gift that tool set and box to our apprentices as a “congratulations” for moving up to the next level in their career with us.


Utility Trailer – Oregon offers employees a comprehensive benefits package.  As a small employer, we ae able to offer tailer-made benefits packages that fit you and your family’s needs.  We invest heavily in our employees to ensure they have peace of mind when it comes to their health and the health of their family.

To protect you and your family’s physical and mental health and wellness, Utility Trailer – Oregon offers employer supported medical and dental insurance plans which can be scaled to meet your family’s needs.  We partner with service providers in the coverage markets where we serve to ensure our employees are covered for all their health, dental and vision needs.

For added convenience, many of the in-network providers on our medical coverage allow telehealth appointments, saving time and hassle of in-person doctors’ appointments.  We understand that illness or accidents can occur at any time, so this added benefit through company sponsored medical plans adds extra piece of mind.

Peace of Mind

Utility Trailer – Oregon employees are encouraged to participate in the company retirement saving program (401(k)).  With a generous company match, employees will quickly begin to build the retirement savings necessary for the post-career chapter.  Utility Trailer – Oregon partners with professional asset managers who provide upfront and ongoing consulting regarding retirement goals and investment options.  Employees are able to elect between a traditional 401k or after-tax Roth retirement plans.

Your financial literacy and retirement planning matter.  Our financial consultants are available to review and advise on 401k investment options and will review entire investment portfolios.  Financial planning is available to all employees of Utility Trailer – Oregon with or without participation in our retirement plans at no charge.

Utility Trailer – Oregon is grateful to the individuals who serve in our U.S. Armed forces and enthusiastically welcome enlisted or reserve-status individuals to our team.  We will accommodate each individual’s situation and are committed to working with any military employee.

We believe in protecting our employee’s income in case of any emergency.  All employees are covered by short-term disability insurance coverage at no cost to the employee.  In the even that any employee becomes disabled in a non-work related injury or illness, these company provided benefits will provide a partial replacement of lost income.

Basic Life Insurance is provided to all employees as a no-cost benefit for your loved ones should anything happen to you.

Work Life Balance

Utility Trailer – Oregon provides Paid Time Off (PTO) benefits to all full-time employees beginning from their first day on the job.  This program gives employees more flexibility than a traditional vacation day program making it easy to use for planned or unplanned absences.  Best of all, PTO can be taken in hours increments rather than whole days.

Utility Trailer – Oregon understands the value of time with family and work/life balance.  Full time employees enjoy most Federal holidays as paid time off.

Utility Trailer – Oregon ownership supports our managers and employees by offering tuition reimbursement for continuing education and sponsorship of leadership development opportunities.