The History and Future of Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company

The Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is a leader in this competitive industry. When it comes to trailer design, this company has a long history of remarkable innovation. Discover more about this notable company and how it continues to serve businesses both big and small throughout the country.

The History of the Company


The incredible history of the Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company began over 100 years ago in 1914 in the city of Los Angeles. Company founders E.W. and H.C. Bennett envisioned the design for a commercial trailer that would give businesses a safe, affordable way to get their products from point A to point B.

Top Priority: Creative Innovations


The Bennett brothers came up with a trailer design full of innovations meant to increase safety and decrease the time it took to make deliveries. The first mechanical brake along with metal to metal brakes are among their many early, critical innovations in the world of trailer design.

Top Priority: Creative Innovations


Through the roaring 1920s, the Bennett brothers continued to improve the design of their trailer. Not surprisingly, the word was spreading about the efficiency and reliability of Utility Trailers. In fact, many notable companies began to see the benefits of using Bennett’s invention.

Some examples of these companies:

• Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
• Sunkist
• Union Oil

More Milestones in the History of the Company

• 1961: The company’s factory in El Paso sees its first trailer built
• 1972: The Superstar line is introduced with its unique, lightweight design
• 1986: The 2000R is introduced helping the company to become the leading manufacturer of refrigerated trailers
• 1989: Their 325,000 square ft. facility opens in Marion, Virginia
• 1999: Builds the world’s largest reefer trailer factory in Clearfield, Utah
• 2000: Introduction of the lighter weight and improved 3000R, refrigerated trailer

Utility TrailerToday

In 2018, the company introduced yet another innovation in the form of the new Utility Aerodynamic Tail (UAT). This invention allows trucks to travel faster and safer than ever before! Utility Trailer stands a level above its competitors in the industry by claiming the honor of being the largest producer of refrigerated vans in America!

Environmental Responsibility

The Utility Trailer company cares for the health of the environment by dedicating millions of dollars to improve the air quality in its factories, recycling metal scrap, using wood products from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program and more. This successful company feels a strong obligation to current and future generations.

Finally, the Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company continues to come up with innovations to keep their trailer designs in step with today’s cutting-edge technologies.