New Utility Trailer 4000AE Drop Deck Is Lighter, Stronger, With Lower Cost Of Ownership

Utility Trailer is committed to creating stronger and lighter flatbed trailers that deliver even greater value to customers. With the rollout of Utility’s latest flatbed, this ongoing mission has reached an important milestone.

“Our new 4000AE Drop Deck incorporates advanced technology that was engineered into our 4000AE combo flatbed, and it delivers the long-term benefits of both steel and aluminum,” said Jeff Bennett, Vice President of Engineering and Product Development for Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. “In fact, a customer will be pleased to discover that it weighs less than some all-aluminum trailers, yet it is available at a sensible combo-trailer price.”


The 4000AE Drop Deck was designed to haul heavy or awkward loads, and has a combination of 3″ and 4″ aluminum crossmembers, with an evenly distributed payload capacity of 80,000 lbs. It comes standard with a 39,000 lb coil haul package, with a 5-foot span of 4” tapered to 3” aluminum crossmembers on 8” centerlines. ConMet aluminum hubs, which maintain strength and durability while saving weight, are also featured on the 4000AE Drop Deck. Steel main beams are shot blasted, then given a two-part primer and two-part urethane coat on the exterior surface, along with a rust-preventive coat on all interior beam surfaces.

This exacting craftsmanship builds a Utility Drop Deck that comes with a low cost of ownership.

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