Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. announced a significant change affecting all of their Utility trailer models. The company has decided to make ConMet Preset Plus wheel end hubs standard on all Utility trailers.

For almost 20 years, ConMet Preset Plus has maintained a reputation as the top wheel-end system available on the market. Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. is a well-known trailblazer in the industry. Not only is it the biggest manufacturer of refrigerated trailers, but it’s also a top manufacturer of flatbeds, Tautliner curtain-sided trailers and dry freight vans. So, it’s no surprise that Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. would turn to ConMet to secure a top wheel-end system for its line of trailers.

Setting the Standard

What sets Preset Plus wheel-end hubs apart from the crowd? For one, these wheel end hubs have long-lasting bearings designed to endure harsh, daily wear and tear. Also, they have a bearing spacer designed with precision to last longer and make trailer maintenance a more straightforward process. Other valuable features of the Preset Plus wheel end hubs include:

• An integrated spindle nut enhances wheel-end clamp load and streamlines the installation process

• Long-lasting life seals

• Precise casting work

• ABS tone ring

• Convenient magnetic fill plug contributing to easy trailer maintenance

• A choice of aluminum or iron material

• The option of drum or air-disc brakes for TP or TN axles

In addition to all of those features/benefits, they are available with an 8-year warranty.

Vice President of Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co., Steve Bennett, sums it up by stating, “The Preset Plus with its state-of-the-art design is low maintenance and is also designed to have maximum durability.”

Finally, Ken Kelley, ConMet’s Vice President of Trailer, Tier1, and Fleet & Service is pleased that Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. has adopted Preset Plus wheel end hubs as the new standard for its utility trailers. He is thrilled to see this brilliant technology growing in popularity throughout the trucking industry.